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Short Summary of your Rights

This is a short Summary of the Swiss trade agreement in the catering sector (Landesgesamtarbeitsvertrag L-GAV)

Survey on the Working Conditions in the Catering Sector

Help us, to understand the problems in the catering sector. Fill out this anonymous survey. Your datas will be treated fully anonymous and will not be published without your consent. You have full control, how far you want to go!


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Since March, many in the catering industry a.k.a. "Gastro" have been struggling with massive wage losses. Therefore, many of us listened closely when on December 18, the parliament passed 100% short-time compensation for the low wages. The first pay slips now show that the reality is far from it. Hourly wage earners get a maximum of 81%, monthly wage earners a maximum of 92%.


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Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, the catering industry has also been suffering. Since summer, the situation has become more desperate. The closures may be appropriate to the situation, but without compensation many businesses will not survive the next few months.

What is forgotten in all this is that the crisis and all these measures have hit us, the workers in the sector, hard. The wage losses are weighing heavily on many of us. Parts of the industry have long before only paid attention to our rights and our (mental and physical) health, when it suited them. With the existential threat to the companies, exploitation is only increasing.

The 100% compensation for short-time work promised by parliament has now turned out to be a lie. In fact, it is only 81% for workers paid per hour and 92% for those paid per month. This is an outrage and endangers our financial survival!

We gastro-workers must act together now. The government's strategy so far endangers the survival of many people and also of our industry!
The pressure on us gastro-workers will now grow even more.
Organise in the workplace and beyond. The situation is serious.

We have extended our demands

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